02.11.2009, 22:53
Hi. I am interested in purchasing D-Tools Pro but want to ensure it is what I need. I have downloaded the trial version but am unable to figure out how to use it in the way that I want.
I have spent the past week reading thru forums trying to find info regarding copying cdg files from my harddrive to a cd-r. I have not been successful and am hoping you are able to answer my question.

I was introduced to Daemon Tools when I purchased a program from "KaraokeInfo.com" and it was included in their download pkg along with Clone CD. Part of the info given was "How To Create A CDG With A Non-compatible CD-Writer".

Karaoke files were downloaded as zip files and were then converted from "zip" to "bin" using MP3+g Toolz.net. During the conversion a ".cue" file was created which apparently was very important. The next step was to left-click the "Daemon Tools" icon and click on "Device 0:[drive letter] No Media". That was it for Daemon Tools. The .cue file was opened, then Clone CD and finally clicking "Copy CD". You were instructed to click the CD reader dirve that was created by Daemon Tools called "Generic DVD-ROM 1.0". The next step was to right click in a blank area on the screen and select "New" and then name the new drive "Karaoke". Right click on the new drive and select "Edit" which took you to "Profile Settings" and then to the "Audio Read Settings" tab where you entered the write speed and checked the box "Read SubChannel Date from Audio Tracks". You clicked "OK" and then "Next" twice. In the next screen you choose "4x" for the "Write Speed" and then "OK". A progress screen appeared and then you just waited for the disc to automatically eject. You exited Clone CD and you had a perfectly good CDG disc which I could play on my karaoke machine.

What I am trying to determine is if I would be able to use the Daemon Tools program. I don't want to purchase a program and then find out I can't use it.

Any help/info would be greatly appreciated. Thk you in advance.:)