View Full Version : .ISO file installs but asks for a CD when I play it

04.11.2009, 04:06
I recently added Warcraft III and WC III Frozen Throne to my laptop and did it through .ISO because I don't have my CD. I'm able to install it but when I go to play it the start up screen comes up and when I click to play it it says I need a CD but I have the virtual drive running.
I'm running on Windows Vista.

04.11.2009, 05:51
Recreate an image from original disc using SecuROM profile. If you don't have the original disc, you are not entitled to use its copy. You break the law in this way.

05.11.2009, 11:50
I have the same problem. I have the copied disc of Motogp. When I make disc image, mount, and run the game it ask me to put in the CD. So, I tried all possibilitites, but nothing.

05.11.2009, 12:12
So, I tried all possibilitites, but nothing.
What exactly did you do?

05.11.2009, 12:49
I maked disc images on all programs i know

05.11.2009, 12:59
Try to use DT Pro. Find your game in our Game Database (http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/gamedb.php) and create an image using corresponding profile.

05.11.2009, 13:05
In addition: the copy protection has been removed since Patch 1.21b ;)