View Full Version : DT Pro Installation Routine

05.11.2009, 13:26

I recently installed Deamon Tools Pro. It wasn't correct installed, so I wanted to complete reinstall it.

The Installation Dialoge didn't open, so I started the installation progress like 3 times.

After a reboot I suddenly saw the installation progress on my screen. Including two warnings, that the Installation Progress is already running and that I have to complete that first before doing the second and the third Installation.

I did complete the first one, reboot. Same again, One Progress is already open & there are two information boxes.

It's just with my User Account, won't happen on any other account on the same machine.

Any suggestions? Where does this install routine starts in Windows?


05.11.2009, 13:40
You can check with Process Explorer where the file lies.
Also you can try using msconfig for setup.

Also is it installed now or not?

05.11.2009, 14:06
Process Explorer shows me the path - but if i delete the *.exe, it will restart anyway. (Whether the setup.exe is there or not o.O)

nothig in msconfig, nothing in autostart.

Doesn't matter if it is installed or not - currently it is not.