View Full Version : Daemon tools BIG windows 7 problem

06.11.2009, 22:53
Here is what happened to me after installing daemon tools lite 4.35.5: or more like when SPTD got installed :(
As a result windows 7 started detecting my monitor as generic non pnp and the ati catalyst control center detects my monitor as crt needles to say because of it windows wont display proper resolutions or refresh rate what should i do ?

06.11.2009, 23:12
Try reinstalling graphic card drivers.

06.11.2009, 23:22
I did and it didnt work i also tried remooving the program and restoring setings from before daemon tools being installed didnt work either :(
Is there any way to wipe it or do i have to reinstall windows again before givin next sugestion answer is no manifacturer does not give windows 7 drivers for VW223b asus monitor :(

07.11.2009, 07:40
Did you try removing sptd(and removing dt as well) to see if it fixes your problem. You can see how to do it here (http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/removing-sptd-necessary-24823/) or you could try to download and install latest sptd form duplexsecure (http://www.duplexsecure.com/) and see if that helps. If it doesn't then your problem lies elsewhere.

07.11.2009, 10:32
Aperantly it is connected because when i remooved spdt.sys under windows safe mode and the registry entries then rebooted and windows 7 started with standart monitor in the list and then the ctatalyst control center wouldnt work. However after restarting pc again it got back to generic non pnp monitor! However there is 1 registry entry i could not remoove and thats (Default) Type Reg_Sz it gives me the following error unable to delete all registry entry and when i try it says it could cause system instability .

08.11.2009, 20:15
Did you remove dt before removing sptd?
If you did , try downloading the latest sptd from here (http://www.duplexsecure.com/) and install it if it gives you the option and then uninstall by using the built in uninstall in the exe(when it runs it will ask you) that should remove all the registry entries better then you can manually. If you did not uninstall dt first please uninstall it and then do the aforementioned step. Also did you think about a system restore to just before you installed dt, windows usually automatically creates(don't know about windows 7, don't have it yet) one before the installation of sptd and it is a much faster and easier way if it works.