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19.12.2002, 17:41
I cannot get v3.26 to install. When I run the installation program, I go through the options and the installer runs. It runs to 100% on the graph, and then appears to 'hang' when on the 'Removing backup files' stage.

After a few MINUTES, I then get 'MsiExec.exe - Application Error'. The instruction at "0x63001599" referenced memory at "0x00000004". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program

When I click OK, The installer bar graph then reduces back to about 5% whith an action "Rolling back action:". At this stage the program goes completely unresponsive. Going into task manager and attempting to 'End task' or 'End Process' on the program doesn't work. Selecting logout / shutdown / reboot then doesn't work. The only way to get rid of the setup program is to power off the computer.

The computer was running a fresh installation of Windows 2000 Pro (Dell Inspirion 8000 OEM) with only a couple of programs installed since. I know version 3.11 worked before reinstalling my computer.

Assuming the installation of W2k was corrupted, I reformatted my drive and reinstalled again but I get the same problem. Since then I have attempted installing other versions. Attempting to install 3.11 does work, but all versions after it doesn't.

I have a feeling it may be a Dell quirk, but I thought I'd ask if you have any ideas (or should I just buy a new computer :) ?)

19.12.2002, 19:43
Maybe you need to update Windows Installer to 2.0?
Your error assumes that setup is finished and everything is ok - Windows is just going to remove all bakup files and display 'OK' message, but something wrong happens...