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12.11.2009, 08:37
ok so I'm pretty new to the burning games thing. I got Final Fantasy 8. I have daemon tools pro and i mounted the .bin and .cue files from the install disk and disks 1-4 onto the same drive (happens to be F:)

So now that I've mounted them, I don't know what to do from here. When I click on the disks *disk 1 for example*...the folder pops up with "disk1.pak, disk1, Field.FI, Field.FL, and Field.FS"

This is how it is for all 4 disks that I've mounted. Help me if you can. I'm new to daemon tools so sorry if this is a noob question

12.11.2009, 09:10
We do not have information how to start some specific software or games.