View Full Version : mounting weird cd image hangs system

12.11.2009, 13:26
Hello, I imaged the cd of the game Inca II as cue/bin and mounted it onto a daemon tools virtual drive. When I tried to access the drive, the application hanged. When I tried to dismount it, daemon tools hanged. When I tried to disable the virtual device, the management console hanged. When I tried to reboot the system, the the shutdown procedure hanged.

I suggest making the kernel driver a bit more asynchronous, so that it would still be possible to communicate with it, or cancel the operation it's currently performing. Or at least put a timeout on the thing...

PS: every 98th sector of the image is marked as 'mode 2'; no idea why it came out like this, however most likely that's the culprit.

12.11.2009, 15:10
Try to re-create an image via DAEMON Tools.