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13.11.2009, 06:57
I'm using Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 and can't get Daemon Tools Lite to work for me. Specifically I can't get a drive letter associated with the virtual drives I create. In device manager I see the virtual drive named IBEXY rubbish etc. listed as 'other device' but no matter whether I search the net or point to Windows/inf amongst several I've tried (including all of Windows) it can't find a driver. I've looked at posts discussing a registry issue involving deleting filters and I've done that and after monster difficulties involving getting permission I've deleted files INFCACHE.1 and INFCACHE(269).1. I've also checked I have the latest version of the SPTD file which in any case I notice is part of the install.

If anyone can suggest something really constructive that might work I'm willing to give it a last go but I'm totally fed up spending hours rebooting on this problem.

I used to use Daemon tools quite a lot when it was nice and simple. This is just a headache needing a Ph.D. in Windows to get the thing working it seems.

Well I'll give it a day or two and if I can't fix it by then I'm going to unistall it and never bother with Daemon software in any shape or form whatsoever again and wait for a competitor to do it properly.

I don't really believe Daemon does work under Vista or if it indeed really does then it can only be that Daemon Support doesn't properly understand all the issues required to get Daemon's customers up and running: there are just too many unresolved posts concerning Vista.

Deeply deeply unimpressed and frustrated.

13.11.2009, 10:32
1. First of all, read DAEMON Tools Professional Help: Unable to add adapter (http://daemonpro-help.com/?id=548) and DAEMON Tools Professional Help: No virtual drive in My Computer (http://daemonpro-help.com/problems_and_solutions/no_virtual_drive_in_my_computer.html).
2. Did you ever try to contact our Support Team? I don't think so. At least I cannot find any ticket with your email.
3. You use FREE version of DAEMON Tools Lite. So you have no rights to assert any claims to our company.
4. Millions of people use DAEMON Tools around the world. So, do you really think it doesn't work on Windows Vista???

p.s. Some guys can even use DAEMON Tools on Windows 7 ;)