View Full Version : F:\ Application not found

13.11.2009, 13:57
I try to mount an iso and I get this. F is of course, the drive that it's set to mount to. Same thing happens with any other drive letter.

I've tried disabling my antivirus with no luck.

As for changing the sptd start value...I don't see a "start" value to change, there is only a "(Default)" which says value not set.

Running on win7 x64.



13.11.2009, 15:09
Did you try to mount other images?

17.01.2010, 16:07
I am saving the same exact problem. I have the same set up on 4 computers (2 laptops and 2 desktops) and only one of the desktops is having a problem. All rigs are running win7 Ultimate x64. The only image I have been able to mount is office 07. All other images were created with dvd decrypter and work fine on all systems with the one exception.