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16.11.2009, 02:43
be running to play game is the error i get when tryen to start the game ? Am i doin somem wrong are have somem set wrong ? Thxc for any and all help !

16.11.2009, 05:27
Describe your problem more detailed. What exact message do you get? Post a screenshot or specify error text.

16.11.2009, 07:36
just sounds like a messagebox from a steam drm 'protected' game, there is nothing daemon tools could do about this, the message is pretty self explanitory...

the game needs steam to be running (and logged in) for it to work... guessing its call of duty modern warfare 2 ?

20.01.2010, 22:58
I am having the same problem. Some of us mere mortals have only just started using computers.

21.01.2010, 04:50
Please read http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f14/steam-must-25545/#post120696 and describe your problem more detailed.