View Full Version : "I uninstalled d-tools but the virtual cdrom is still there"

19.11.2009, 19:45
1. Start device manager (run devmgmt.msc [winnt] or goto control panel, system, device manager [win9x])
2. Goto System Devices section
3. Delete Plug and Play BIOS Extension
4. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DELETE ALCOHOL'S (drivers: axv???.sys; D-tools should be called st3???.sys or d34x???.sys)
5. Goto the SCSI section
6. Remove the d-tools controller (not Alcohol's [AXV???])
7. Delete Daemon Tools driver files (file names mentioned above)

1. Ok simple enough
2. Also simple
3. I do not see "Plug and Play BIOS Extension" in the system devices section
4. where is this located?
5. SCSI is what?
6. I thought I already uninstalled D-tools?
7. Where are those located?

Vista x64 bit
Uninstalled with REVO uninstaller.. so I figured all the drivers would be gone...?

Thanks and sorry for my incompetence.

20.11.2009, 11:21
Which DT version was in use ?
Because the instructions you're quoting are for very old v3 DT versions not compatible with Vista.

22.11.2009, 00:06
I suppose the most recent?
One that worked with Vista, either way I have that issue.

So any instructions to dealing with the same issue on vista?

22.11.2009, 14:28
Reinstall DT lite, remove virtual drive(s), uninstall DT lite with its own uninstall routine, uninstall SPTD access layer with the x64 Installer from Duplex Secure (http://www.duplexsecure.com/en/downloads).

If that doesn't work go through these steps:

25.11.2009, 22:05
Virtual Drive was removed just fine.

Do I still need to "uninstall SPTD access layer with the x64 Installer from Duplex Secure."


26.11.2009, 11:56
The SPTD access layer was installed along with DAEMON Tools lite.
If you don't have any other software using SPTD like e.g. Alcohol or StarBurn i would uninstall SPTD.