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29.03.2004, 03:08
I,m a newbie but i would like to say thanx for all your help in getting this far, I was able to backup my games Now I'm having problems with clonyxxl, I am unable to detect which copywright protection is on disk, it tells me no disk in drive, I have also tried it as data and audio to no avail,
it worked well at one point, but now no skulls.. Any and all help would be appreciated

Specs are
xp with servce pack 1
amd 2400+
a7n8x-x mb
512 ddr400 ram
80 gb hitachi hd
64 mb msi g4 mx440 8x video
GCE-8525B cdwriter
GSA-4081B dvdBurner
sftwre alcohol 120, clone cd, clonyxxl

07.04.2004, 15:12
I am not really an expert in this but try to use the sanner called A-Ray.. You can download it here! http://forum.aray-software.com/index.php? :)