View Full Version : Random reboots when attempting to do various things

29.03.2004, 23:47
Operating System: Windows XP Home
Burning Software: BlindWrite Suite 4, Easy Cd Creator 5, Nero Burning Rom ?
Anti-virus Software: Norton Anti-Virus 2002
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

My computer reboots whenever I seem to do anything with daemon tools. Currently it automatically starts up when I boot up to windows. When I attempt to disable that feature it reboots. The same thing happens when I try to disable automatic mounting, change the number of virtual drives, install a new version, or uninstall this version. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

30.03.2004, 00:08
Check if you've minidump in windows\minidump folder - if so, send newest minidump to support@daemon-tools.cc.
Also try to update buggy Roxio drivers, or (better) get rid of Easy Coaster Creator bullshit.

30.03.2004, 04:33
Email has been sent, not much I can do besides that. I loaded this up on my parents computer, so uninstalling ECDC and updating nero is out of my hands. They keep asking me to uninstall it, but because I can't figure out why it keeps rebooting I've just been telling them I'm too lazy. I'm just glad I don't have this problem on my computer at school.

30.03.2004, 10:40
Your crash is caused by Blindwrite autoplay driver pcatip.sys.
You need update this software to latest version.

31.03.2004, 04:46
I went ahead an uninstalled blindwrite suite, however, I just crashed again when I attempted to disable the virtual drive. I have sent a new email with the latest minidump.

31.03.2004, 10:17
pcatip.sys is still in memory
I hope you understand that every uninstall requires reboot.