View Full Version : Why can't we change read/write properties of a drive?

22.11.2009, 06:19
Hi everyone. I'm trying to use DT as a gateway between my computer a VMWare machine. Anyways, for some reason I cannot set any DT drives to write to any sort of media. Why are the properties read only? I don't see why.

22.11.2009, 08:19
Well, to burn something using virtual drive, you need to insert physical media to this drive. ;) But it is physically impossible to do.

22.11.2009, 17:21
Well, no, what I'm saying is it would basically burn it to an ISO file sitting somewhere on the computer. It would just be nice to be able to drag the files to the cd drive, and then have them almost instantly added to an ISO file.

22.11.2009, 18:24
Please have a look at this thread:

23.11.2009, 00:17
Ok, but you guys didn't explain why you won't added it.