View Full Version : Error code 14

25.11.2009, 16:32

When i try to install Deamon tools lite, i get a error message that says:

"Internal setup error. Error code: 14. contact support"

I got windows XP.

Whats wrong?

Thank you

25.11.2009, 16:34
Disable your security software

25.11.2009, 16:38
Disable your security software

Ok, thank you!

28.11.2009, 22:48
I to am getting the Error Code:14. I use Zonealarm but turned it off and shutdown the windows firewall service and windows defender service, yet I still get the same error. This is a fresh install of W7.I have used Daemon Tools for a REALLY LONG time. Maybe from the beginning. I would like to continue using it. I do have it on a Vista 64 bit system and works great, but it is not accessible at this time. I also have it running on an XP system and runs great. I don't run an OS without My Daemon. But for some reason it just doesn't seem to wanna work with W& for me. I had the prior version installed but would not run. Kept giving me the needs SPTD error. So I downloaded the new version. UNinstalled the old ver. and now I can't re-install the new. Error 14.

28.11.2009, 23:19
Try to uninstall ZoneAlarm.

28.11.2009, 23:36
I finally got it. I had to end the process ForceField.exe. Even though I shutdown ZoneAlarm it was still running. Now I get to see how it will run.