View Full Version : Windows Cannot Access File

27.11.2009, 04:55
I get the error "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access them." Whenever I try to run a file from a mounted image. On top of that, the virtual drive appears to be a file of unknown type to windows when double clicked and asks which program should be used to open it. When selecting Daemon Tools Lite, I get the error "Error in Command Line" How can I fix this?

27.11.2009, 08:57
What DT and OS version are you running?

15.12.2009, 22:42
This is infuriating, I've spent 5 hours trying to figure this out.
I have the latest lite version, and whenever I try to mount something it wont work...I have Windows 7 Home.

15.12.2009, 22:49
What file do you mount exactly?
You also get the same error bojango?

15.12.2009, 23:14
Yeah, the file is a .MDS file, , in the same folder, contains a .MDF file. Please help me figure this out.
I've shut off all firewalls the only one(windows)
And im the system admin, and made sure I had the privileges.

15.12.2009, 23:30
Well, I might've figured it out. It could be a registry error because sometimes this happens with USB drives.
Theres something in the registry where you change a certain variable from either 0 or 1, and it fixes it. Just a hint, I really don't know whats wrong, please help.