View Full Version : Problem with Windows 7 and old DT 3.17 scsi driver

27.11.2009, 05:01
Hi all.

Somehow being the genius that I am *rolls eyes* I managed to install DT 3.17 under windows 7. That was all fine and good because it wasn't in the way until today when I removed the application, but the stlth317 scsi miniport driver is still in the device manager, and when I try to disable or uninstall it I get a BSOD and a system reboot. I've tried this under safe mode and regular mode with the same results. I've also run microsoft's installer repair tool which I used to remove the entries and files for the DT installation but the driver is still there and I can't figure out how to manually remove it.

None of this would matter except for the fact that I can't burn DVD's now because of this problem. (at least I think this is what is causing that issue).

Any words of wisdom? I've tried searching the net and on the forums for anything related to DT 3.17 but because it's so ancient I can't seem to find any info.