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28.11.2009, 19:45
Hello i just readed the troubleshooting to find a solution but those infos dident help me. i tryed everything in the troubleshootinh thread but the problem remains , the microsofts "fix it" thing didnt help me , it can recognize that my dvd driver is missing but it cant fix it , also i tryed manually to fix the problem according to the instructions on the same thread written by the admin of this forum , i couldent find the "lowerFilters" registry allthought the "upperFilters" regisrty was there , i thought the problem would be solved by unistalling Daemon tools but nothing happend . i m running on win vista

any ideas would be helpfull

thx for your time

28.11.2009, 21:22
You tried to delete this key where the filters where?

The real drives are shown in BIOS and in device manager?

28.11.2009, 22:06
yes i tried to delete the "upperFilter " and i did , in device manager i cant see any cd or dvd drivers on my pc .

28.11.2009, 22:47
And in BIOS?

29.11.2009, 01:02
nope i cant see it on BIOS either

29.11.2009, 01:52
Then it is not a Windows issue and therefore either your optical drives are defect or the controller on your mainboard the drives are connected to.

You may try the following:
PC is shutdown, press and hold tray button, turn pc on (tray button is still pressed), after about 30 seconds remove your finger from button. Now check if Windows sees a new unknown drive.
If yes, download the correct firmware for your drive and flash it.

29.11.2009, 12:27
if you mean by saying the tray button the button of the cd/dvd i did that but nothing happend , is there somehow any other way to make windows search for new unknow device ? how about installing again DT make a virtual cd/dvd (windows will only see the virtual, but at least they can recognise the category of cds/dvds in device manager section) and then try to search again for new cd/dvd driver

29.11.2009, 13:02
The way above i only tried for LG drives and it worked for me when the drive wasn't displayed in BIOS.

There is no way for windows to see them when BIOS doesn't display them and recovery firmware not working.

You have to uninstall them physically and install them in another pc to ensure the drives aren't defect. If they are working in the other pc, then it seems the controller on your mainboard is somehow damaged or the cables.

29.11.2009, 15:48
i would opened my pc to check my drive and/or motherboard but its a laptop :( and the problem is that i havt got another cd/dvd drive to use them instead , im pretty sure that there is nothing wrong with the hardware , should that registry file i deleted be the problem ?? is it anyway to get it back ???

29.11.2009, 16:00
If it isn't shown in BIOS, then Windows can't see it and you can press whatever you want in Windows, nothing would help.

When you start the pc up, normally the laptop is telling which button to press to open Boot Menu (F8-F12 normally), just press all of them and if there is no drive listed, then either the drive is not connected correctly to mainboard or a hardware failure.

29.11.2009, 19:51
yes i know , i did got into the boot menu and as i said there is no drive in there , is this related to the deleted regisrty file ?? if yes is it possible to find and replace that file ???

29.11.2009, 20:14
It seems you don't understand.
If BIOS can't see the drive, then windows can't.
And a registry key is IN windows.

BIOS -> Windows
And not Windows -> BIOS

29.11.2009, 22:17
ok i understood that, so u suggest that my prob now became hardware and not software right ??

29.11.2009, 22:57
Yes, problem lies in hardware.

EDIT: You may try to load Fail-Safe settings in BIOS, but i doubt that adapter is maybe only disabled.

30.11.2009, 14:31
and how u explain that the problem caused after installing DT , and now became hardware problem ??? how do i load fail safe settings in BIOS ??

30.11.2009, 15:52
Just bad timing. It would be the same if you would stop at a traffic light with your car and then the engine would blow up. You can't blame the traffic light for this issue.

On the right somewhere (depends on which BIOS) is the option to load Fail-Safe settings.

01.12.2009, 01:42
i had a problem with some drivers on my graphic card and i had to get in safe mode couple of times , after i restarted normally the pc , the missing cd/ dvd drive just apperead from nowhere...
anyway thx for the help Blazkowicz

01.12.2009, 01:53
Then somehow it seems you haven't checked the BIOS correctly as graphic drivers don't mess with BIOS or you have a very strange BIOS.
Anyway, glad it is working.

17.06.2012, 06:58
Daemon tools removed my optical drive :( Gonna try the power button thing - MY DRIVE IS VIEWABLE IN BIOS, but no drives in "My Computer" or "Device Manager" In bios it shows the drive made with DT as "Master" optical, and my actual physical drive (BENQ CD/DVD BURNER) as "Slave" I even changed priority of the physical to 1 and "digital DT drive" to 2, but couldn't set physical as master.

Windows Fixit didn't work, Registry for CD/DVD Rom doesn't have upper or lower filters, Changing the IDE Cable to another slot to make the PC think I put in a new drive did nothing.

Looks like DT screwed me. Google is full of people w/ this problem =/ Everyone has a "different" solution, none worked for me yet.