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30.03.2004, 16:51
Hy Guys!

I bought me today UT2004 CD Version with the 6cd's.I played the demo before and the game is just cool,but the full version even better.But,iam using a labtop which is up to date.But the problem is that this game is reading to fast for the rom,and the game begins to stuck sometimes.At the demo version it didnt happen,with all settings to high.Now I made a Image file of all cd's with clonecd and copied the image to alcohol.doesnt work,same message like the other people.
Now I downloaded your programm,made a .mdf file with alcohol,choosen securom 4x/5x from the play cd,but still dosnt work!!Same message!
How do i get this game running?without a cd!
Please help me!

Can also somebody tell me which are the best settings from alcohol to make an image file?

Pls help me guys!I'am lost!

30.03.2004, 17:14
CloneCD image won't work. Create an image from play disc with Alcohol and SecuROM v4.x/5.x profile. Un-install Alcohol, 'cause current version is blacklisted! Then mount the image in Daemon Tools v3.46. It is possible that you've to un-install CloneCD due to blacklistig issues, too.

30.03.2004, 17:28
Well I deinstalled now:
Nero 6 ultra edition,CDSpace5,CloneCd

So I have to make an Copy with Alcohol,then uninstall alcohol or what???

thx for the answer

30.03.2004, 17:43
Yes - 'till next Alcohol version fixes the blacklist.

30.03.2004, 17:49
Do I have to do this dpm??

Whats that exactly ???

I hope that then FarCry will work as well like that.

thx copytrooper for the fast answer's.
Do I need to do the same way as the play cd with the installation cd's`??

like install cd and so on?And this also then with DPM?

Sorry i like to know this.

30.03.2004, 17:59
No, only the play disc needs DPM data, I don't think the others are protected.
Far Cry should work, if you own the cd version, DVD DPM is not yet implemented in Alcohol.

30.03.2004, 18:16

UT2004 is working!!!!!Nice !!!

Well about far cry I have also the CD Version.

Thx a lot Copytropper!I try now the far cry CD.

I bought today both games =)
Had too much money today,hihi =)

30.03.2004, 19:47
There's no need to uninstall Alcohol. Just make sure Alcohol's virtual drive is disabled.
It runs fine on my PC from an image made with Alcohol and mounted on DT (with Alcohol still installed) ;)

30.03.2004, 20:07
ya agree with reef, got same thingv setting!

05.04.2004, 04:05
Yes - 'till next Alcohol version fixes the blacklist.

Just curiuos. What is this blacklisting refer to? Who blacklists whom and how do they do it?

Sven Bent
03.07.2004, 22:34
disc 1-5 i made an iso
disc 6 (play) i amde a mds from a120 with RPMS options.

works fine

04.07.2004, 04:43
No need to worry about the protection anymore for UT2k4, just install latest game update and it removes the CD check ;)
I wish all games would be so easy :mrgreen: