View Full Version : Can DTlite load at logon for a simple user account?

30.11.2009, 20:44
I appreciate any help in the following situation:

There's an older PC for my young children running Win XP Pro, with DTLite installed. I've created a simple user account for them to use and would like to achieve the following result:

After logon, DTLite loads and mounts each of 4 existing images on corresponding virtual drives, so as to allow shortcuts on Desktop to start the 4 educational software titles in question.

Can this work using DTlite? The case now is that DTLite has to be started manually after logon and each image has to be, again, mounted manually. "Automount" and "autostart" have been selected.

02.12.2009, 20:48
It's been a couple of days since I posted and noone's replied yet. This seems atypical in a busy forum such as this. Am I asking a dumb question or is my wording unclear? Could a moderator please give me a hint?