View Full Version : SPTD Issue in Windows 7

01.12.2009, 20:01
Hi, I have recently tried to install DT Lite, and found that whenever I went to start it would say something along the lines of Required Windows 2000 or Newer, and Kernal etc.

I have read posts in this forum, and went ahead and installed DT, and installed a stand-alone copy of SPTD for x64 systems. I open the installer, it says no copies are detected, and I click install. I reboot after it finished successfully, and attempted to install DT again. It gave me a similar error message again. I uninstalled, went back to the SPTD installer, installed SPTD again, rebooted, and then went bcak into the SPTD installed. It should tell me if it is installed. Instead, it said No SPTD version was detected. Select action to be performed. This was after I did a clean install of SPTD stand-alone, without installing DT.

I have been running SPTD as an administrator. I have no AV protection installed. This is a relatively (within the past week) fresh install of Win 7. My issue seems to be that everytime I install SPTD, and it finishes and asks me to reboot, it says it can't be detected, and offers me the option to install it every time.