View Full Version : mount cs-cz

30.03.2004, 18:40
how can i mount cs-cz

i can install but dont play the backup ...

02.05.2004, 17:12
for those questions you MUST specify your reading software & image type (which you've done).

scary image:

12.05.2004, 13:05
I've used Alcohol to make the ISO - what kind of protection scheme does CS:CZ use?

What should I activate when mounting the ISO with Daemon-Tools?

13.05.2004, 18:42
i got a Securom 5.00.03 over here... just use Alc's SecuROM NEW 4.8x profile. And DT needs RMPS emulation on.

16.05.2004, 17:41
I can't make it work - are there any special tricks to this?

Should I do something special when extracting in Alcohol 120% ?

Which options should be set in DT?

Any help is appreciated.

16.05.2004, 18:03
don't create an .iso, create an .mds...

afaik iso does not support dpm

16.05.2004, 18:07
Thank you for the tip - I also figured out that I needed to select the Securom v4.x/5 from the dropdown :oops:

So now it is working :D

P.S: can you play CS 1.6 online if you have CS:CZ?