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04.12.2009, 18:20
Hello.I'm a C# and C++ programmer.Recently I've been programming an app to manage image files and I like to use SPTD's Driver.I want to know how to use SPTD's Virtual Drive to Mount or Unmount an image by a managed code in C# or C++(Or manually).Please Help me a.s.a.p.

or just tell me how Daemon Mount Images on a Virtual Drive?

04.12.2009, 18:32
SPTD doesn't have any virtual drive.

DAEMON Tools Professional Help: Command line integration (http://daemonpro-help.com/windows_integration/command_line_integration.html)

04.12.2009, 18:53
I know the command lines of Daemon.But I want to know How to mount an image on a Virtual Drive?

04.12.2009, 19:16
You can't mount them without any extra application except you were writing yourself a virtual drive software.

05.12.2009, 08:36
Is there any Daemon's Dll or SDK for us to mount images,set drives,etc?