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05.12.2009, 06:57
when installing daemon tools i keep getting an error code 14 which prevents the install, i looked it up and all i got was that its caused by antivirus programs which makes alot of sense seeing as how i havnt installed an antivirus program yet.

for some reason it let me install but then i got 'this program requires windows 2000 or SPTD1.6 etc' so i look this up and again im drawing dead, it seems that daemon tools doesnt realise that SPTD is on my machine? i uninstalled daemon tools and reinstalled thinking that something mightve gone wrong during install and would you believe it i got me an error code 14, which is now refusing to just give up as per earlier so im stuck.

can anyone help here?

05.12.2009, 08:52
Uninstall DT. Open Register Editor (Start -> Run... -> regedit), navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\SPTD

and change Start value to 4.

Now reboot, navigate to this key again and change permissions on this key - right click on the key -> Permissions and set Full Access to Everyone .

Delete this key, reboor your PC and install Daemon Tools again.

19.03.2010, 04:31
I applicate the information you provided, however, i do not believe that i should have to go through all the trouble since i purchased the software license and downloaded from your site.
If there is not a patch that will take care of this sptd 1.6 error for me, please direct me to the refund department.

19.03.2010, 07:06
Error code 14 means security software problem. Disable it (check also DAEMON Tools Professional Help: Security software solutions (http://daemonpro-help.com/?id=928%20class=) )

05.06.2010, 21:02
Funny how you people make it so simple.

" disable it " WHAT I DISABLE?

05.06.2010, 21:59
" disable it " WHAT I DISABLE?
Security software.

06.06.2010, 15:45
This error means that some security software modifies DAEMON Tools and patches code inside its process, hence internal integrity checks inside DAEMON Tools fail. We treat this as malicious virus activity.
If you purchased license for our software then we guaranteed it would work in a normal Windows environment only, but we cannot make sure it will work also with any "random" security solution on the market you can encounter. It is not possible to test every software combination in the world and some software may be not compatible with each other because of its design. Many security packages today behave rather aggressively. So you have to use either one or the other - not both. If you choose not to use DAEMON Tools anymore then of course you will be refunded.

30.06.2010, 21:21
I have the same Message but a rather unchallenging Software Package: XP with SP3 and Antivir (Avira IT-Sicherheitslösungen für Windows und Unix (http://www.avira.de)) as Virusscan.
On this PC Steam and some Games are running.
Is it possible that some Game-Developers are trying to disable Deamon-Tools because one could run cracked Game-images with it, If yes i would be really aggravated by that because i hate software changing external Programs without my permission.