View Full Version : BF 2142 + Daemon Tool Lite = Very Slow Game

09.12.2009, 14:04
Operating System: Win Vista 32bit
Burning Software: Roxio DE (never use it)
Anti-virus Software: Microsoft Security Essentials
DAEMON Tools Version:
SPTD: 1.62

After using Daemon Tools Lite to image BattleField 2142 the loading and running of the game is very slow.
When the map changes, it takes so long to get back in, that the team have already tagged 2 flags.
I also have an issue exiting the game. I have to use Ctrl-Alt-Del and get into Task Manager to exit the game.

If I remove the mount of BF2142 and use the DVD, the game is super fast. With no issues with map changes or exiting the game.

Has anyone had this issue ??