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11.12.2009, 05:47
Dear colleagues,

i want to make a backup of a video-training-DVD.
The DVD is protected by SecuROM.

Here is my Setup: HW: IBM T42; OS: WinXP Pro;

Here is what i tried so far:
With DT Pro Advanced (Testversion) i created
a image file (.mds/.mdf) by doning:
New Image -> New SecuROM Image
(I did that severeral times with different DPM settings)

After mounting the image (also with DT Pro Adv),
SecuROM gives me the message:
"Please insert the original disc instead of a backup (1000)"

So i tried YASU (v1.6.9040) and i also tried
to edit the registry as mentioned in the thread

Sadly, most of the time this does not work. :/
But from time to time it does.... after many
hours trying and reading i ask you for help.

I tried also to identify the version-nr. of SecuROM
with the tool ProtectionId. But i had there no look
eather...(says just SecuROM. no version-nr.)
The DVD is released in 2006, so i guess it is
a 7.40.x.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


11.12.2009, 07:40
Try creating an image from a different optical drive.

If it is from 2006, it can't be 7.40

11.12.2009, 11:20
can you put the exe online somewhere (rapidshare etc) then i can take a look and see why it just reports securom... thats quite strange, as protection id usually always tries to report a version...

11.12.2009, 22:48
First of, thanks a lot for your answers!

Dear Blazkowicz,

i tried to create an new image with my old
external DVD-writer, recogniced from DT as
Unfortunately, the DPM processing quits with
the error message "DPM request failed".
(As i use the german version, this is just a rough
I tried this with several DPM speed setting.

With my internal DVD reader (from my IBM T42), i never
had that problem (DT rec. it as HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4242N atapi).
The original video-tutorial itself started
without any problem on both of DVD readers.

Can you recommend a optical reader for this job?

The first release date is in 2006, but i bought it just
a few days ago. So the content itself may be from 2006.
The SecuROM protection might just be from last week...

Many Thanks for your help!!
Vielen, vielen Dank!! Grüße aus Wien ;)

Dear evlncrn8,

I guess i used PROTECTiON iD the wrong way.
With a sector-scan PROTECTiON iD gave me back this:
[!] Disc Protection: SecuROM Signature v 4.85/5/7 (or higher) (DVD)

Anywa, I uploaded the only .exe-file in the root directory
of the DVD to rapidshare:
RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting (http://rapidshare.com/files/319562112/start.exe.html)
autorun.inf tries to start this file.

I use PROTECTiON iD v0.6.2.3 MARCH 2009

To all of you: BIG UP!!

11.12.2009, 23:16
LG GH20NS10 is producing nice DPMs.

EDIT: Scanning -> \start.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 6629476 (0652864h) Byte(s)
-> File has 2234468 (0221864h) bytes of appended data starting at offset 0431000h
[Heuristics] -> Flag : 00000000000000000000000000000101
[!] SecuROM Detected - Version 07.33.0014
[CompilerDetect] -> Visual C/C++
[CompilerDetect] -> Adobe Director 10
- Scan Took : 0.766 Second(s)

12.12.2009, 00:27
Dear Blazkowicz,

thanks for your recommendation, it helped me a lot.
At my local ebay i found several
LG GH22NS40 and LG GH22NS50.

Would you only recommed the LG GH22NS10,
or are the GH22NS40/LG GH22NS50 models
also good?

With the file-scan in PROTECTion iD i was
able to reproduce your scan results ;) *cool*

Many thanks! J0e

12.12.2009, 01:13
Somewhere i should have one of those listed ones lying around, have to check it for DPM quality if i find it.
But if i remember when i made the tests with one of those drives DPM quality was good, but GH20NS10 is better than this one.
I mixed a 2 with a 0, therefore wrote wrong model, sorry.

But as i said will check for one of the 22NS for DPM quality the next days.

12.12.2009, 10:13
Thanks a lot for your help!
I am looking forward to the test results. ;)

At a german forum (bm-community.de) they also recommended the GH20NS10/GH20LS15, so i read.

This is great! BIG UP AGAIN!