View Full Version : How to unistall SPTD (1.62) manually from Windows 7?

11.12.2009, 19:52
I have some reasons for unistalling SPTD from my system but i can't do it, because Unistall button of SPTDinst-v162-x86.exe is disabled (maybe because i have turned it off from registry (services\sptd\ Start = 4))
Can you tell me how to unistall its manually?

PS Sorry for my bad English

11.12.2009, 20:23
Delete the SPTD key in registry and delete sptd.sys.

But i recommend to set it back to its origin value, reboot -> Uninstall in Setup.

11.12.2009, 20:39
i want to do it too!
but my system crashed in BSOD when i trying to enable SPTD in registry
I dont know whats a problem but i see that many people have it too
So I decided to unistall it and use other software without SPTD until new version SPTD comes where its problem will be fixed...