View Full Version : How do i manually remove the IDE Controller

12.12.2009, 20:34
Hi, how do i manually remove the ide controller installed with the latest version of daemon tools. I tried installing this on windows xp sp3 and it would not install the driver for the AJ7FLJ27 IDE Controller. I restarted and what not but it would not install. Cancelled and uninstalled Daemon, reinstalled and it put another controller (the same just with different letters at the beginning on). This one worked fine but the old one remained just saying it didn't have the drivers. I uninstalled daemon tools again but the device still remains and I cant add any drivers for it. How do I remove it. I can disable it and uninstall it but of course windows finds it again on boot. How do I remove the actual pseudo hardware device. Ive been through and deleted any reference to the word daemon in the registry I could find but this hasnt done anything.