View Full Version : DVD drives disappear after Daemon Tools install

13.12.2009, 19:16
I just did a clean install of Windows 7.
And when I install Daemon Tools and restart, both my dvd drives disappear and cannot be detected within Windows. The dvd and cd drives are detected in the BIOS settings, so theres nothing wrong with the connections because I also used them to install Windows 7.
I've tried some solutions of uninstalling Daemon Tools or deleting the Upper and Lower filters from the subkey people provide, but when I go to the subkey, there are no upper or lower filters.
When I first installed Windows 7, both drives worked.

Any1 have any workarounds? or should I just wait for a new verion?
Such a sh*tty problem

15.12.2009, 04:40
Anybody? Please need help, can't play any hard copies of games that I buy, or install anything like that for the matter.