View Full Version : DTProAgent.exe - New Poly Win32 Virus detected

17.12.2009, 00:49
I updated today to the brand new version of DT Pro.
But my McAfee VirusScan has detected the new DTProAgent.exe as a New Poly Win32 virus.

I had to turn off the VirusScan, because it always put this file to the quranatine, and the DT Pro won't work.

I think it is a false positive by McAfee ( I hope) but somehow I would like to use the both software together - as I always did before without any problems.


17.12.2009, 05:45
I also tried to install DP Pro Std v4.35.0307 that was downloaded from disc-soft servers yesterday (16-DEC-2009). F-Secure antivirus says DTProShellHlp.exe is infected with Virus.Win32.Gobi.a virus. Install fails and dt says it is corrupt.

I checked the digital signature of the installer packager and it was signed 16-DEC-2009 10:31:45 -> Was the package built/rebuilt/re-signed yesterday ?

I tried to reply to disc-soft support emails, but all I got in response was "The user you are trying to reach is over quota.".