View Full Version : Virus detected by McAfee in DTLite.exe when updating/installing DTlite4355-0068.exe

17.12.2009, 19:33
I was prompted to update my DT Lite installation this morning through an automatic check for updates. I don't know what version I was updating from but I always install the updates when prompted. My operating system is Windows XP Pro SP2 (32bit).

Upon completion of the update McAfee VirusScan detected a virus in C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTLite.exe it has labeled the virus [New Poly Win32]. Upon rebooting, there was no Daemon tools try icon and I was unable to launch the program from the start menu; I believe that McAfee quarrantined the executable file.

Unfortunately my McAfee is fairly locked down via group policy however I can see the following information:
VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0
Virus Definitions: 5676
Created On: July 14 2009
Scan Engine: 5300
Patch Versions: 14

I strongly suspect this is a false positive as I encountered the same results downloading and installing the most current version of Daemon Tools Lite DTLite4355-0068.exe from the download page.

I understand that this is not really your problem and probably a random happenstance that a virus "fingerprint" somehow popped up in your compiled code.

Thanks for reading.

17.12.2009, 20:17
Yes, it is a false positive.
You may contact McAfee (i can't as they want Serial etc.).

18.12.2009, 13:23
I have the same problem
I am using the brand new Daemon Tools Pro, and McAfee VirusScan detects a new malware virus when it is checking DTProAgent.exe.
I tried to contact McAfee, but no answer yet.

I uploaded this file to VirusTotal.com
This is an analyzer site.
I've got 5 positive feedback from 5 different scan application.
(McAfee and F-Secure, for example)

I hope it will be solved somehow...
I would like to use my virusscan and my DT together.

18.12.2009, 17:35
Thank you for the quick help.
The new version ( .08) is great.

No more false alert