View Full Version : Cant play games without CD, Please Help

18.12.2009, 18:57
I am using Deamon Tools Lite 4.35 and im running Window & Ultimate 64Bit. What im trying to do is make a imabe of the CD and use Deamon Tools Lite to load the image. But the game knows that im using a Virtual Drive. What is the easyest way to do this. the game i have been trying is Wolfenstein.

Thanks for any and all help

18.12.2009, 19:25
How did you create your image?

19.12.2009, 15:48
I used Daemon Tools Disk Imaging, Alcohal 52 , Virtual Drive and none worked.

19.12.2009, 16:46
Which settings in these two first programmes did you use?

19.12.2009, 20:08
To be honest i dont know/rember. I never used Alcohal 52 before and i never used Daemon Tools Disk Imaging before. I just use Daemon Tools to mount images. So any help would be great. I would like to use 1 program only if posable and manly Daemon Tools.


22.12.2009, 21:39
DAEMON Tools Professional Help: Creating a disc image (http://daemonpro-help.com/general_use/quick_start/create_disc_image.html)

Select New SecuROM and try different DPM speeds.

25.12.2009, 14:31
Thx for the reply. I dont have the Pro version thow.