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22.12.2009, 02:24
Can someone give a Nooob a link on how to use Dameon Lite to shrink a file to fit a 4.7 gb disc. I am new to all of this so if i sound like it I am. Sorry If I sound a little dumb. But I wann Learn about how to mount & Edit a file to burn to Disc. Thanks for patience & understanding that we all were Noobs @ one time or another !

22.12.2009, 06:36
DAEMON Tools Lite Help: General Use (http://daemon-help.com/general_use.html)

But which file do you want to shrink? You cant edit an image with DT Lite, you need DT Pro with its Image Editor for it.

DAEMON Tools Professional Help: General Use (http://daemonpro-help.com/general_use.html)