View Full Version : Dual Boot installs of DTPro

22.12.2009, 20:55
Hello, I recently started running Windows 7 along side my Windows XP install (on the same computer), but that requires me to revoke my license each time I start DTPro and get a new one.

Is there any way to avoid this? Can we get 2 keys for the same physical computer but with different operating systems?

22.12.2009, 21:04
Different system ID, that's why you need to revoke.

You may contact Send Message :: Disc-Soft.com (http://www.disc-soft.com/sendmsg) regarding a 2nd user for your key, but i don't think you will get one.

23.12.2009, 09:33
You need to modify your license to use DTPro on both OSs at the same time. It costs €8 for 1 additional instance if you use DTPro Advanced OR €6 for 1 additional instance if you use DTPro Standart.