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24.12.2009, 18:05
Ok, so I forgot to uninstall Daemon tools before upgrading to windows 7. I uninstalled it afterwards, rebooted, then reinstalled. Now it says "SPTD 1.60 or higher is required, forced to deactivate kernal debugger"
How do I fix this?

24.12.2009, 19:16
Have you installed latest DT Lite or Pro? If you have installed Lite, then you need to do the following (doesn't necessary for Pro as it fixes it automatically):

DAEMON Tools Professional Help: You must reboot after previous operation and Initialization Error 2 (http://daemonpro-help.com/?id=546)

24.12.2009, 20:02
Yes, I am using lite. Ill follow that guide and get back to you if it worked.

24.12.2009, 20:12
Also what is an ro key look like?
Whats the type?

24.12.2009, 20:15
The key is called so. Also its name is r0

24.12.2009, 20:22
And also, the SPTD is not instlaling correctly. When I install, then reboot, then open the installer again, it says its not installed.

24.12.2009, 20:37
Follow the rest of that help and don't do only one step.