View Full Version : Yasu and the daemon.exe

26.12.2009, 23:05
So im a new user to daemon and i have read what i could on solving my problem, but nothing has worked for me. I have a problem where Yasu wont detect the daemon.exe file. I have already changed the DTlite name to daemon.exe yet i still get the same error, some help would be very much appreciated!

26.12.2009, 23:21
nvm i fixed, what i did was i renamed the DTLite and moved back and forth to the desktop then back to the original folder, same thing with the renamed daemon.dll file (i used the engine.dll for the renaming)

29.12.2009, 10:35
im having this same problem, what exactly did you do?

07.01.2010, 09:40
Yea I am having the same problem as well, how did you fix it and get YASU to install??

11.01.2010, 05:01
The solution to this problem is for sYk0 to have YASU detect DTLite.exe. :tongue:

Until then here is one solution that I have tested and works:

1. Browse to the installation of your Daemon Tools Lite directory. i.e. C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite
2. Copy DTLite.exe to daemon.exe
3. Run YASU.exe

viola. :)