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29.12.2009, 00:05
i have Windows xp service pack 3, avast antivirus, intel core duo E7400 nvidia geforce 9600gt.
After i restart daemon tools lite 4.35.5 i got blue screen after few seconds and it reboots again so i have to reboot in working mode and uninstall it so i cant use it.

29.12.2009, 07:38
Try to post latest minidump (c:\windows\minidump).

06.01.2010, 15:28
I'm also running Windows XP SP3 and DT Lite v, with repeated blue screens.

I have a Dell ATG D630 with 1 GB Ram and Core Duo 2.0 GHz.

If I remove all of the virtual drives then the computer boots fine. Once I enable one of the virtual drives then I have constant blue screens and reboots.

Willing to provide more troubleshooting.

06.01.2010, 16:00
Probably caused by : DRVMCDB.SYS ( DRVMCDB+ee25 )

drvmcdb.sys file information

The process Device Driver or NULLO belongs to the software Sonic DLA or HP DLA or Sonic Backup MyPC or Simple Backup for My Pictures or drvmcdb or Sonic Backup MyPC Deluxe or IBM DLA or Stomp Backup MyPC or Sonic Backup MyPC Special or Roxio DLA or Roxio Drag-to-Disc by Sonic Solutions (Sonic Solutions - DVD Burning - DVD Decoder - DVD & Video Editing Software (http://www.sonic.com)) or Software Architects, Inc or VERITAS Software, Inc (Data Center Optimization: Datacenter Management Software, Data Center Software, Data Center Solutions | Symantec (http://www.veritas.com)).