View Full Version : SpellForce 1.11 defeats Daemon Tools!!

02.04.2004, 10:34
Operating System: Windows XP SP1
Burning Software: None Installed
Anti-virus Software: AVG 7.0
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

I have just installed the full patch upgrade for Spellforce, bringing the game up to version 1.11. However it appears that the black-list issue is back, as when I attempt to run the game using Daemon Tools I get the following Dialogue box...


Upon clicking the OK button I see this dialogue box...


I have performed a clean install of Daemon Tools 3.46, changing the .sys files to the following:


I have tried a number of emulation settings but no luck. :cry: I have mastered both disks with BlindWrite 5.1.5, using the Automatic settings.

Is there anything I can do apart from waiting for a NO-CD.EXE?
Should have I mastered the CD's using Alcohol 120%, rather than BlindWrite?

Looks like all the hard work in version 3.46 has been in vain, with THIS game at least. :evil:

02.04.2004, 10:39
Try to un-install Alcohol, then check again.

02.04.2004, 10:45
Try to un-install Alcohol, then check again.

The computer I am running the game from does not have Alcohol installed. I have a copy of Alcohol 120% and BlindWrite on my file server machine, and a copy of Daemon-Tools 3.46 on my games rig.

The problem is on my game's rig. That computer ONLY has Daemon-Tools 3.46 installed with NO OTHER imaging, emulation or burning software.

I have not tried to play the game on my file server, as it does not have the hardware to run the game.

02.04.2004, 11:35
Seems to be new SecuROM version, we'll check ...

02.04.2004, 14:45
Please re-create image from your original cd with Alcohol (SecuROM v4.x/5.x profile) and try again.

03.04.2004, 01:45
Please re-create image from your original cd with Alcohol (SecuROM v4.x/5.x profile) and try again.

No problem. I'll try using Alcohol 120% instead of BlindWrite and give that a go.

BTW: While I was fuming over this problem I checked the JoWood EULA with is game, and I was infuriated to find that they give permission to the end user to make a back up copy of the game for personal use.

If they give you permission to do this, then why make the task of making a back-up, virtual or otherwise, so f***ing difficult. Their actions go against their EULA!! Typical greedy corporation. :roll: ARGH!! :evil:

03.04.2004, 02:51
Hummm. Interesting. It appears that the .MDS files mastered with Alcohol 120% appear to be working. Where as the .BW5 files, made with BlindWrite do not.

Usually I find that BlindWrite can deal with all SecuRom formats, but this time it appears that it failed. So in future I'll have to try BOTH software mastering programs and see which one works.

As for SafeDisk, it's Alcohol 120% all the way. Good thing I bought licences for both Blindwrite and Alcohol 120%. :roll:

03.04.2004, 23:33
now, if only you would be so cool and buy a licence of our wonderfull software

05.04.2004, 02:24
now, if only you would be so cool and buy a licence of our wonderfull software

Done and Done!! Invoice #5461904.

Just doing my part. Enjoy. :D

05.04.2004, 16:40
THAT's really cool! Thank you!

24.04.2004, 06:39
Operating System: xp pro
Burning Software: clone alc blah
Anti-virus Software: trendmicro online scanning only
DAEMON Tools Version: latest

Good shot Locutus :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Btw that game was giving the creeps right from that start ..full of horrible
quest bugs that is :D but quite addictive !