View Full Version : Sims 3 Error

02.01.2010, 06:12
I am running The Sims 3 original version, no updates. I made the image with UltraIso(trial) not sure which version. When i go to play it with the mounted image, it says that it cant verify that i have the game legally or whatever. any help?

02.01.2010, 07:33
Try to create an image with DT Pro and SafeDisc profile, game has only a Disc Check and UltraISO seems not to create correct images to play.

02.01.2010, 11:45
A working image can also be created with the Disc Imaging tool
of DT lite as long as you choose MDS instead of ISO output.

02.01.2010, 12:21
yup mds required i think, iso format wouldn't contain the dmi information the protection checks for..