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03.01.2010, 19:36
I have recently purchased a CnM slim USB DVD/RW external drive in order to back up my photos from my PC. I am using "Astroburn". Resultant disc (RiDISCV 16x DVD-R) shows that all images are copied, BUT each picture contains 0 bytes and hence is not really copied at all. The image titles are listed as I would expect. Help please, what is going wrong? What does "verify" tick box do? I have ticked it each time.

I have Windows XP.

Astroburn version is

03.01.2010, 19:39
Which AstroBurn version did you try?

Which checkbox do you meant?

03.01.2010, 19:50
Tick box is "verify" - apologies for spelling error. Astroburn lite is the program.

03.01.2010, 19:51
Verify is checking if the files got burned correctly (if source and target hash matches).

Also how many pictures did you burn and had they some special characters in their file names?

Which File system did you use?

03.01.2010, 20:01
There were no special characters in the file titles, only alphanumerics separated by hyphens ( as decreed by my Canon Iuxus camera). Typically there would be about 65 Mbytes of pictures per folder.

file system is standard Windows "My Pictures" facility - I am not aware of any special name for it.

03.01.2010, 22:22
It is possibly already fixed in next AB Lite (at least can't reproduce). You may try Astroburn (not Lite) and try another File System (on the left side of AB).

And you don't have to take my signature serious.

04.01.2010, 00:25
Thank you. I will try it on the updated Astroburn when it comes out.

04.01.2010, 23:16
I have tried again, this time with a new batch of discs. I have discovereed that you cannot record on a disc more than once!

Interestingly enough, at the end of recording 4.2GBytes, the message came up (in red) saying that it was unsuccessful - yet the disc now has pictures which can be read on my laptop as well as my PC.

Thanks for help.

PS Does ticking the verify box prevent the second go at recording?

04.01.2010, 23:43
No, the disc is just locked (no multi-session) and therefore normal behaviour.