View Full Version : help running on windows 7

03.01.2010, 20:53
so i have windows 7. and at first i got this error.


then i went into reg edit and deleted everything like i was supposed to. (read the help section.)

and now i am getting this error message.


also.. i tried downloading the standalone stpd and it still did not help..

p.s. sorry if this has been covered and i have missed it.

04.01.2010, 11:32
DAEMON Tools Professional Help: Registry and SPTD problems (http://daemonpro-help.com/problems_and_solutions/registry_and_sptd_problems.html) - Reinstall SPTD/DT. Make sure you perform all steps correctly.

06.01.2010, 03:18
ok. so i got it working. but when i try to add a virtual drive it says everything is disabled. but when i try to enable ti, it says enabling """ adapter. and then it gets stuck there. for abt 20 minutes. and i gave up and unplugged my computer..

any suggestions on that??