View Full Version : Windows 7 - Can't uninstall DT Lite 4.30.3

04.01.2010, 00:36
I have DAEMON Tools Lite 4.30.3 installed on a Windows 7 x32 PC and I can not uninstall it.

I first ran the install for version 4.35.5 and selected the option to allow it to upgrade my installation, but the process hung.

Now every time I try to run the uninstall from the DAEMON Tools menu group the process hangs. I looked into it further and the process that is hanging is Au_.exe. This process is hung so badly that Windows 7 wil not even shut down.

Help in getting ths uninstalled will be greatly apreciated!

04.01.2010, 11:24
DTLite 4.30.3 doesn't support Windows 7 in full. What SPTD version do you use?

06.01.2010, 00:10
I'm using SPTD version 1.58

I realize that DT lite version 4.30.3 doesn't support Win 7 and that's why I'm trying to uninstall it.

At the time I installed it there wasn't an option for Win 7 and it did work well enough for me to install stuff from an iso file.

06.01.2010, 09:18
1. Delete DAEMON Tools Lite folder manually (it is c:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite\ by default)
2. Open Registry Editor (Start -> Run -> Regedit).
3. Press Ctrl+F.
4. Perform search for 'daemon tools lite' and delete all keys related to DAEMON Tools Lite.
5. Try to install DTLite 4.35.5.

07.01.2010, 04:01
That worked perfectly, thanks!