View Full Version : OPC Error when burning an image

04.01.2010, 04:04
Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but im having a huge problem with using Damon tools Pro, everytime i go to burn an image of an iso file i want I keep getting this OPC error, and I cant figure out what it is since google doesnt help all that much.

Im trying to burn a dvd of an image of Windows 7 that i bought online.

I figured maybe someone here would be able to help me out. Thanks

04.01.2010, 10:20
Please specify your drive. And what kind of discs do you use to burn?

30.01.2010, 15:13
Im having the exact same issue. im using a dvd r disk and im trying to burn the image onto it using a drive that is capable of writing dvd rw's but i cant get it to work :redface:

30.01.2010, 20:19
Please specify product name/version, your drive and a disc.
Did you try to perform burning to another disk?