View Full Version : DTLite4355-0068.exe is not a valid win32 application

08.01.2010, 19:06
I had Daemon Tools 4.0.8 and it worked fine on my old WinXP (2 days ago).
Now I've installed WinXP on the on other disk and decided to download new DT, but the install is not working at all!

Disk-Tools.com - Published Software Download (http://www.disk-tools.com/download/daemon)
is this information:
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

So, it should work, but not working.

See the picture:

WinXP+SP2 (just installed on D:)

Hard disks:

1st disk:
C: FAT32, 29.2 GB
D: NTFS, 47.0 GB (WinXP is installed here)

2nd disk:
F: NTFS, 74.5GB

3rd disk:
G: FAT32, 7.79GB
H: FAT32, 14.6GB (there still is previuosly used WinXP)
I: FAT32, 14.7GB

08.01.2010, 19:08
No bug, bad download, redownload it.
1,5 MB is too less.

14.03.2010, 23:22
(Also see thread http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/not-valid-win32-application-24870/)

Has anyone managed to resolve this issue? Everytime I download DT Lite 4.35.5 it stops at around 1 - 2mb without any error message. When I click on the file it gives me the "Not a valid Win32 Application". So I delete the file and try again without any luck. I've tried different browsers (Firefox & IE), a number of different download sites, I don't use a download manager, I've tried 'Run' instead of saving it, nothing works.

Other downloads work fine, its just Daemon.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


- Vista 32 SP2