View Full Version : laptop freezes just after starting Daemon tools

11.01.2010, 23:17
I have a problem with Daemon tools. I installed the program and just before the end of the installation it ask me if I want to launch Daemon tools so I check the square and click finish. Just after that it's written virtual update or something like that (mise à jour des périphériques virtuels in french) in a rectangle then my pc freezes and I can't do anything even my mouse is freeze. ctrl alt delete doesn't work the only thing I can do is hold the power button of my laptop and wait until it turns off. I tried to uninstall it and install it again but it does the same. I don't know why it does that so please if anyone knows can you help me.

I have Windows XP
Daemon tools version 4.35
Burning software: Nero 7 essentials
anti-virus : Avira antivir personal

If you need to know other thing about my computer I will need help to know where I can find the information because I am not really good with computer
p.s I'm french so sorry if my english is bad.

12.01.2010, 06:23
Do you have a GigaByte mainboard?

12.01.2010, 12:54
No it's intel beacause I have a laptop

29.05.2010, 18:46

i've got the same Problem. After mounting an image to install a game, in randomly 3-5 seconds the whole Systems freezes and i can do nothing but restarting the Notebook.

So i do not know where the problem ist.

Shall i change to the Pro Version or ist the Problem SPTD related?

31.05.2010, 08:50
Is your problem reproducible for all images?