View Full Version : 2 devices in Device Manager, only 1 in DT Lite

12.01.2010, 15:50
I've got DT Lite installed and if I look at the settings, it shows just the one Device 0:

In Device Manager however, there's two SCSI and RAID controllers and two SCSI CdRom Devices.

I uninstalled DT Lite and removed all four entries from Device Manager but after reinstalling and rebooting all four are back.

Is this normal? It seems strange to have an extra device installed and showing in Windows Explorer that I can't mount anything on and if I add another Virtual Drive in DT Lite, I end up with 3 SCSI CdRom Devices and still can't use the second one!

15.01.2010, 09:18
Do both devices disappear after uninstalling DT (if you do not try to remove it manually)? Do you have Alcohol, UltraISO or any other similar program?

15.01.2010, 13:51
Ah thanks. It was Alcohol.

For some reason, neither Alcohol or DT Lite were in my Add/Remove Programs list and the Alcohol Start Menu shortcuts were buried away so I couldn't see them!

Seems to be all sorted now :)