View Full Version : Please insert cd error message

14.01.2010, 23:47
Hey there! I'm trying to install an image copy of the adobe cs4 master collection on my compaq presario c500 with windows xp sp3. The issue I'm haveing is that after I enter my cd key and setup starts to install, i get an error message telling me to "please insert cs4 cd into driv F:\" even though I have the immage mounted already and had previously sucsessfully installed the programs before a virus infection and re-install of windows. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!

14.01.2010, 23:51
Your virtual drive is actually set to F:?
Also is it working with original disk?
How did you create your image?

15.01.2010, 00:11
yes, the virtual drive letter is f, i got the immage from a friend then purchased the liscense. and like i said, it worked before I re-installed window.