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20.01.2010, 13:25
hello there.
i have a problem a couple of weeks now which is annoying.
when i mount a .iso file ( a movie ) and watch it with VLC or power dvd, my pc crashes. the screen freezes and the last sound starts to " loop ". i cant do anything and have to restart.

this ONLY happens when i have a iso mounted and watch that .iso film. it doesnt matter if i use VLC or power dvd, the pc crashes after a while, sometimes it takes 1minutes, sometimes 20.
i can watch .avi films or any other type. also when i BURN the .iso movie on a dvd i can watch it and nothing happens. the problem only happens when i have the .iso mounted and also watch it.

my specs:
windows xp ( all updated )
ati 4870 ( newest drives. also had problem with older drivers ).
daemon tools lite newest version.

sorry for my bad english. i hope you can help

20.01.2010, 15:26
Is it DVD or Blu-ray?

20.01.2010, 15:28
Is it DVD or Blu-ray?

dvd. doesnt matter if pal or ntsc tho

20.01.2010, 16:12
Do you have a GigaByte mainboard?

20.01.2010, 22:54
Do you have a GigaByte mainboard?

MSI P45 Neo2-FR

01.02.2010, 23:41
I have the same problem.
In my case, I use the latest mpc home cinema and my pc freezes exactly as you describe.

As I write these lines, I test this: I mounted the iso but copied the ts_ folder in my hard disk and played from there. So far no problem. It usually stops in the first 10-20 minutes otherwise.
The decoding is using PDVD9(cyberlink power dvd) codec with the DXVA enabled.

I cannot say for sure what part of the system is wrong. My first idea was the buggy-as-hell catalyst drivers but the dvds I tested were all in iso format, not actual disks. I have no problems with other files( avi, mkv and so on).

If anyone has any valuable info please report.

phenom ii 955
ati 5850 with cat 10.1
4 gb 1333 ddr3 kingston
win xp32 sp3,
latest drivers

02.02.2010, 06:58
vrekman32, disable Gigabyte Energy Saver.

02.02.2010, 12:32
gigabyte energy saver...

there is an "Easy Energy saver" utility (which I don't use)
and there is an energy saver "behavior" of the motherboard which automatically adjusts voltage and MHz of the processor.
For my troubleshooting purposes, I have everything on auto/default in bios. I cannot find any options with the words "energy saver" in it. The only relevant option is the K8 cool n quiet option which I disabled. Is there any other option which has to do with energy saver?
(Bios is F7 and I already know about the ctrl+F1 additional options btw)

(the manual of the mobo is located here: