View Full Version : daemon failing to mount images

21.01.2010, 18:35
Am experiencing a problem I have never had before in many years of using Daemon Tools. I'm using Vista x64 with Daemon Tools lite 4.35. I can only mount images in Drive 0. If I try to mount images in one of the other three drives, it shows up in the Virtual Drives list with its extension, for example ".iso" and the icon in Vista's "Computer" list turns to a disc, but not to the icon representing the DVD image I've attempted to mount and it still says the generic "HD DVD-ROM Drive." If I click on it I get the message "please insert a disc into Drive..."

This isn't a problem with my images. All images mount fine in Virtual Drive 0. But none will mount in Drives 1-3!

Anyone know what's going on here and how to remedy the problem? Thanks in advance.