View Full Version : This requires at least Windows 2000, Kernel Debugger must be deactivated

22.01.2010, 02:24
(this may have been answered previously, but i didnt understand the solution) Hi, I'm not a very experienced computer person, I recently came upon upgrading to Windows 7 through Vista 64-bit Home Premium. After installing the OS, I tried to download daemon tools lite (the "windows 7 fully supported" version), and it does not run because of the problem that pops up (title of this thread). I read some forum posts and google searched solutions but all have failed to work.

I use Norton 360 antivirus, it acts as my windows firewall and so i disabled that, but still nothing.

I downloaded SDTP 1.62 and for some reason, its not showing up on my computer at all...

I did compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2 and still nothing.

I allowed the program through the smart firewall of Norton 360, still nothing.

There were specific instructions on a post somewhere here, but i didnt qutie understand it as I am not an expert when it comes to complicated things on computers. please help (desperate now)...

22.01.2010, 07:44
DAEMON Tools Professional Help: Registry and SPTD problems (http://daemonpro-help.com/?id=932)

25.01.2010, 20:26
This error has to do with software incompatibility, I think with security software. I uninstalled ZA free version, and was able to install. I think there are other programs that trigger it - google it.